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World cup ~Japan~
July 1, 2010, 5:31 am
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Mellow ^^
AH the world cup ~fifa world cup~ Japan…. POOR JAPAN! no no POOR ASIA! i’m very sad that Japan and Korea (south and north). I’m not disappointed at Asia because they (Japan and Korea) have been AWESOME and i mean AWESOME! watching all their games was SOOO INTENSE!

Now Japan! ^^ i watch their game and they played against ~forgot the country name soz~. For the first half of the game, NO one got a goal. The second half then there was some goals getting in for Japan and ~other country that i forgot their name soz~. Japan got 3 and ~other country~ got 5 and well i was sad that Japan didn’t win but i’m still VERY happy that they got into the final 16 😀 i was SOO happy that Japan and South Korea got into the final 16.

I prayed and prayed and all the praying helped ^^ because they ~Japan and South Korea~ got into the final 16 ^.^ and i also prayed after that but in the end they didn’t win against the other team which was sad and all but Japan has definitely have improve over the years! so hopefully the next world cup games comes around Japan can make to the final! i really hope that day will come and same with South and North Korea! ^_^ OH and maybe when the next world cup games comes maybe China can come into play 😀 😀

Well that’s all for now~ i really don’t know if i’ll watch the rest of the world cup ~fifa~. So till then ….
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~World cup~ JAPAN ~ KOREAN
June 28, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Hiya ^_^
This post is just gonna be a ramble about the world cup ~Fifa world cup~. So basically i’ve been watching the fifa world cup from the start this year ^^ and I only had three teams ~countries~ in mind. Japan, and Korean (South and North). When watching these games i would get soooo fustrated and throw pillows at the TV screen xP

Now it’s the semi finals! ~ and poor North Korean epicly! lost to ~i forgot the countries name o.o~ 0 for North Korea and 7 ~forgot the countries name once again~ Why it was so epic…. well DUH just look at the score!

South Korea and Japan got into the semi finals! I was JUMPING FOR JOY! and was SOOO happy that i prayed that night! 😀 🙂 but so after poor South Korea lost to ~forgot their name GAH!~ 1 for South Korea and 2 for ~forgot~ but i’m still very VERY proud because they i know that they did their VERY BEST! and i’m happy about that ^_^

Now to JAPAN! no one knows yet …. they don’t play their match till Tuesday night 12:00am (Australia) and i CAN NOT WAIT TO WATCH IT!
Oh OH! my favourite member within the team is Tulio Tanaka!!! I LOVE HIS HAIR! and his an AWESOME player!! OH OH!! and i love/ laugh/ so cute when he hits the ball with his head 😀 Tulio Tanaka has definitely SAVED JAPAN ASS A LOT! thank goodness for him 😀 Oh and if you are wondering how his SAVES JAPAN ASS… well the head butt move xP 😛

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