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Movie of the night – Old Boy
January 11, 2011, 6:46 am
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Knowledge hey?!

Yoo Ji-tae:

Choi Min-sik:


Movie of the night -Change my mind-
December 28, 2010, 6:40 am
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“Shaolin Soccer”

Movie of the night
December 28, 2010, 6:21 am
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Haven’t done one of these post for awhile.
“Wonderful Town”
A subtle, atmospheric tale about the rebuilding of lives in the wake of devastating tragedy, set in a small south Thailand town that felt the full force of the 2004 tsunami. Ton, an architect from Bangkok, arrives in Takua Pak to oversee the building of a new resort block in an area that, according to rumour, is haunted. He begins a cautious affair with the owner of the hotel where he’s staying – a romance that sparks disapproval and transforms the mood of the film. Bristling with mystery, Wonderful Town is a delicately handled, terrifically assured debut from director Aditya Assarat.

Movie of the night
November 6, 2010, 5:26 am
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Kung Fu Dunk:




read me ^^

Movie of the night ~late post~
August 15, 2010, 12:31 am
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Election – 2005 Hong Kong crime film

Movie synopsis:
The movie begins as the two-year term expires, and all the elders of the Wo Shing society are in the process of electing a new chairman, with some last-minute “campaigning” from both Lok (Simon Yam) and Big D (Leung) a few days prior to the election. After bitter arguments from supporters of both candidates in the likes of Uncle Cocky (played by veteran TV actor Tam Ping Man) and Uncle Monk, Lok is elected as the new chairman. However, Big D is dismayed by the result and proceeds to punish two men responsible for his loss by kidnapping them and rolling them down a hill in boxes, prompting ex-chairman Whistle to ask his lieutenant Four-Eye to hide the dragon head baton, which is a symbol of power for the leader.

In the meantime, Chief Superintendent Hui and the police, as well as the police in China arrests all the key figures that include Uncle Teng, Big D, Cocky, Monk and the newly-elected chairman Lok of the Wo Shing in an attempt to avoid infighting within the society. However, during a negotiation attempt in a holding cell, Big D’s plans of organizing a new triad society are uncovered, which infuriates both Teng & Hui. Meanwhile, a pursuit of the baton ensues in which Kun (Blacky’s henchman), who is recovering the baton for Big D catches up with Big Head (Tally’s henchman), who holds the baton and is recovering it for Lok. During the confrontation, Kun severely beats Big Head with a giant log in order for him to hand out the baton when Kun’s boss informs him that the plan has changed and that Kun is to recover the baton for Lok. The leaders are eventually released on bail and after hours of never-ending pursuit between Kun, Jimmy, and Jet on route, Lok eventually receives the baton from Jimmy thus making his election official.

Despite negotiations with Big D after his bail, Lok murders his nemesis with a boulder during a fishing trip with his son, Denny, Big D and D’s wife after Big D insisted on proposing the idea of two chairmans and the sharing of power between them. As Lok is killing D, D’s wife witnesses Lok and makes a run for it causing Lok to murder her too by strangling her against a tree with a log. D and his wife are then buried before Lok drives away with Denny, who becomes petrified after witnessing his dad’s brutality as the movie comes to an end.

FAVOURITE ACTORS (in movies and real life)
Nick Cheung Ka-Fai

Louis Koo Tin-Lok

and i just realised that there is a number 2 ^^ so i’m gonna be watching that on soon 😀

Movie of the night ^^
July 30, 2010, 2:13 pm
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FEARLESS ^___^ i’ve seen it … more then 3 times 😀 and just watched it again on TV last night ^^

Jet Li ^_^ and Nakamura Shidō II 😀 AWESOME actor and many MANY more AWESOME actors and actress

want to read more about it? click ME!

Movie of the night ~movies~
July 16, 2010, 9:51 pm
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The King And The Clown:

Very good movie ^^ it’s was funny and cute at the starting but then suddenly it got kinda ummm … i don’t know how to put it… and then it just got plain sad and OMG NO and well my mum was right … it was going to turn out to be a sad movie but a good movie too ^_^ i love the ending 🙂 made me happy and go oh~ Over all a must see movie ^_^
Lee Jun Ki:
his his his!!! soooooooo BEAUTIFUL!! I like this actor now 😛 like i was watching Iljimae and he was the main role in the drama and the drama was good too ^^ another must see but … that’s if you like ancient/ fighting/ robin hood kind of stuff 😛 . Like The king and the clown is set in ancient Korea so yerrr~
Lee Jun Ki: again~~~


FUNNY MOVIE! xD there no way i can explain this. If you like funny movies and like watching non english speaking movies maybe this one is for you ^_^ you never know… who knows you mite watch it and think it’s stupid or eh? WTF~ but if you have a weird sense of humor like me ^^ well you mite like it hmmm?? ~~
Jeong Doo Hong:

^^ i like this guy. Even thou his somewhat the bad/ trouble maker but omg! HOT!

Anywho…. i’m going crazy now xP sooo i’ll finish up now.