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Nega (Japanese band) revival imminent
February 4, 2011, 7:04 am
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The Nega guys have updated their blogs today, and it seems that a revival will soon be upon us!

Jin made an Amember-only post, where he basically criticizes some aspects of the current scene, but also explains how he wants Nega to be the best, unique. He also confirms that they’ve started concrete plans for their revival, and he even says that they hope to put out a second full album! (This is far from announcement of a release though; it’s simply a wish that he has.)

According to Ray’s blog, the guys have already met with ID-JAPAN about costumes for their revival. He seems excited and promises that the time we’ve waited for Nega’s return will not have been in vain; they have absolutely evolved for the better.

And finally, Yuu, in the PERESTROIKA blog, confirmed that PERESTROIKA is a time-limited band and that their time will soon be up. Nothing really mind-blowing there, but it’s good to have confirmation.

So! It seems that we’ll soon be hearing some announcements about Nega’s revival. Hopefully we can expect Nega to come back with full force in the summer!


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