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January 3, 2011, 1:15 am
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Hi everyone ^^
So my other post … I said that I would blog once or twice a week on this blog site (i do have other ones..)
So yesterday I went out with my good friend Claire that I have known since year 7 and we went to the city (Brisbane/QLD/Australia) and well she didn’t buy anything but I did… I went make up shopping of course … One of my hobbies to do ^.^ It’s was really great seeing her because we never really go out with each other … we only see each other at school … which well .. Claire and I only have 1 year left and then… no more school…. >.<
But it was really nice and funny to be with Claire and shopping for make up because she still just a junior in the make up world but she learns a fell tips and etc here and there ^^ which is nice to help out a friend.

Most of my friends don't wear make up and so I really don't have anyone really to talk about make up … But friends and people like Claire who wants to know more or even listen are the best because there just there to listen and help and friendly enough to love you as a friend.

So remember be nice to your friends at all times and even if their mean to you don't be mean because you never know what's going to happen tomorrow.
Tia xxoo


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