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The arm rape o.o
October 4, 2010, 6:49 am
Filed under: Life meh, My lovely randoms

Hiya everyone ^^
This is a brief story that did happen today at school…here we go xD
My friend and I were walking down the stairs (P block stairs) and then K, Eric and so other friends were walking up now i just realized today that you CAN NOT fit 6 people in those stairs. So Eric was walking up and I was walking down and everyone (6 people) were all at the same point It looked like we were stuck in there o.o but NOPE not for my freak-ish-ly move.
Eric touched my arm with his arm and also realizing that his nearly the same level as me. It felt like poison touching my skin. So i did what no other Tia would do THE WORM!
Hopefully no saw THE WORM by Tia o.o cause if they did ~ oohh but I’m praying Eric nor K saw it … but Eric i think YES because well i think i may have made a high pitch mouse noise while his poisonous skin touch me and doing THE WORM

What i learned today was to … well not fit 6 or more people up and down the stairs .. at the same time.


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