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Holidays ending soon T.T
September 30, 2010, 2:21 pm
Filed under: Life meh

Hiya everyone… it’s been awhile since i wrote …. yer wrote something on this blog… wow… well like i have been posting stuff but i haven’t actually wrote something .. like a decent amount… if that made any sense.

Ok… so i have been on holidays for the past week and a half ^o^ YAYA! and it has been really relaxing and great. Today not so great because my back is completely sore and the pain is going up to the neck too T.T not a lot of fun. But on the bright side i got to see my lovely friends ^^ not all of them of course … i wish but so well they just had better things to do….


I have two assignments to finishes off by this week. Well one of them i don’t have to finishes off from another 2 weeks from now … but then other assignment i really have to complete that by the time this week ends >.< Which i think i can do…. but i get distracted a lot. Like right now ~/~ i could be doing my assignment right now but i'm not because i'm currently typing of the web, doing a blog post.


Righto… now what else to type about…. well…. i really don't know because well i am currently thinking but yer… see … nar you don't see.

I should go now ~/~ need to sleep and rest my sore back T.T byee ~


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