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School = GAH boring
August 16, 2010, 7:00 am
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Hello ^^
I kind of getting back into posting blogs. I posted A LOT last weekend. So it should cover for this week and other weeks but today i feel like expressing my feelings. As you can already see the title can explain most of it and i know that YES most teenagers say this but what ever i don’t care. So yer… school currently sucks and well keep on sucking till the end of next year. hahaha keep on sucking 😛 anyways… So this week have crap to do. I already had my ancient history test today 🙂 and i think i went ok/good. Plus it’s somewhat easy 😮 so I’m happy about that 🙂 hmmm… what else to talk about… Oh i got my draft back from art today 🙂 and i didn’t do so bad 😀 that’s a right. So now i fix it up this week before Friday 🙂 which won’t be hard. Drafts are harder then finals 😦 dislike. Well i dislike hardness overall 😦 I’ll start on re-typing it again Wednesday and Thursday 🙂 I’ll read it today but nothing else because i have to do English and graphics. My English final is due tomorrow ~ presenting it maybe tomorrow ~ eh who knows and my graphics final is due this Friday and then… well nothing else to be stressed about then. So i can not wait for Friday night 😀

Well I’m going to stop writing now because i need to get a work on my English and graphics.


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wats up man hows it going

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