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Not gonna like tomorrow
August 18, 2010, 11:11 am
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Hello ^^
Need to clarify the dates/times on my blog post…. ALL ARE WRONG….! and well i just lazy to change it …. so yer ~

Now back onto the topic matter…. tomorrow i’m NOT going to school because i NEED all the time to finish off my two assignments for graphics and art…. and so i will be typing all day tomorrow and drawing and its gonna kill >.< jezzzz~ So of course i will be still posting a new post on my blog in the morning and afternoon and night so yer~ ^^
Favourite phrase today "yer~"

I really have nothing better to say…. so i'll tell you what i'm currently watching US TV at the moment:

Official website

Drop dead diva ^^

Official website



Yamato Nadeshiko shichi henge Visual BOOK
August 17, 2010, 10:24 pm
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Japanese class {Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland}

Hiya ^^ aaah finally writing something about Japanese school 🙂 it’s has been awhile.
Three dot points about class tonight:
1. Easy
2. Not unconformable
3. Long

Hopefully that will give you an brief understanding….. So for easy ~
Japanese school has never been hard just because its basically a recap so it mustn’t be hard ^^ but for some reason Japanese school was really easy today ^o^ like i wasn’t as clueless (that sounds bad o.o) but i was like on the go and talking in Japanese and half way to becoming fluent ^__^! YA! my sensei said that I’m becoming fluent now 😀 so happy and it makes me even happier when i native Japanese person says it to me ^_^.

Now not unconformable…. see I’m ALWAYS conformable in Japanese school just because my teacher a male and i do have trouble communicating to male and my whole class are all adults, which at first i was like OH GOODNESS but now i’m making friends with older people (be safe children) and now i can freely talk to males and females normal/ friendly ^_^. This is also i HUGE step in talking to my sensei (teacher) because well…. his just ~no words to explain~ …. so yer ….. but now i can freely isshh but not as freely to the people that i talk to in class. Makes me happy 🙂

Last one ~ LONG~~~ FOR ONCE class felt sooo LONG and WOW how time doesn’t fly when your working hard (true true) …. Like class starts at 7pm and finishes at 9pm but sensei wants to get out early so class finishes at 8:40pm giving me a lot more time to walk down to the ferry and catch it and then get picked out by my parents. Today class finished at 8:45 or :50pm which not to say is good to go home but within the less then 2 hour lesson it feels like you done a lot. So I’m VERY happy that i worked hard and got everything done 😀

Well that’s all I’m going to say….

August 17, 2010, 6:54 am
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Hiya everyone ^^
yes…. as you read… the title says ENGLISH SPEECH KILLER and if you are wondering what this all means well… i think in my other post/s i write that i have an English speech to done sometime this week. I really wanted to do it today… so it can be over and done with but see…. when i got up and started…. i really wanted to sit the HELL down but well i couldn’t…joy. Anyways…..what does this title mean….? well basically the speech has to go for around 5 to 7mins BUT see that didn’t happen….. i kinda of went for 30mins…. YES i know that sounds crazy… but it kinda of true… because i asked my friends how long i went for and they were like 15 – 20mins and by the time i heard that i was like HOLY but then…. i heard something else… someone else in my class said that i went for 30mins!!! YES 30mins !!! OH MY GOODNESS! that really long~

So now… to recap iissshhh~ after 1/4 of the way (speech) my throat was now all dried up and it was REALLY hard to talk… so when that started to happen i started to stuff up and everyone started laughing at me … which in the end DID NOT help. So now my face was cherry blossom pink and i could not look to the right side of the class because all of the boys on that said were laughing at me… NO HELP! Then i was 1/2 way right and i stopped… (around this point the speech was over 7mins and was on 10mins) and everyone was like “is she finished????” and then BAM! i start reading again and everyone is OMG-ing at this point. ~~ fast forward ~~ when i finished everyone was like OH THANK GOODNESS! and clapped. So then i sat down and my friend next to me says “thanks for buying me more time” now at this point i was SHOCKED at how long i can speak for and then haha-ing at everyone saying “YA i don’t have to do my English today because of her”. After that someone else went up and went for 5mins and then everyone RAN out of the classroom after when class finished. Everyone is/was happy that they were OUT OF THE KILLER ROOM for the day. Mwahahah (jokes jokes). But yer… so i was right all along. See i told my friend that i WILL KILL EVERYONE WITH MY SPEECH and i did ^^ brain wise.

Well i’m gonna go now and get ready for Japanese school ^O^

Morning ^^
August 16, 2010, 10:08 pm
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Ah this is strange to be blog-ing in the morning but who cares 🙂 Oh i just realize that my other post not of Brian Joo but the other one before that … has soo many emoticon 😛 lol …. it’s really to me… eye catching because when i’m looking at my blog i just see these smiles etc on it and i’m like what… oohh~

On another topic now ^^ Jap school tonight 😀 and i WILL post a blog about it tonight… cause i haven’t done it for awhile… well for about 8 weeks the class was on holidays and now class is back ^^ ~ oh i didn’t post one for last week…. so tonight i’ll combined them together etc~

Aaah 🙂 i’m SO ADDICTED to Thai music right now 😛 🙂 (lol that was random)

Anyways… i got an English oral today or maybe tomorrow or on Friday… really depends on my teacher and class. Sooo yer~ but I’m ready 🙂 and i wouldn’t mind going this week, then next week … just cause i REALLY want this over and done with.

Gonna stop writing now

Brian Joo photos ^^
August 16, 2010, 9:38 pm
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I like but not love his hair ^_^

School = GAH boring
August 16, 2010, 7:00 am
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Hello ^^
I kind of getting back into posting blogs. I posted A LOT last weekend. So it should cover for this week and other weeks but today i feel like expressing my feelings. As you can already see the title can explain most of it and i know that YES most teenagers say this but what ever i don’t care. So yer… school currently sucks and well keep on sucking till the end of next year. hahaha keep on sucking 😛 anyways… So this week have crap to do. I already had my ancient history test today 🙂 and i think i went ok/good. Plus it’s somewhat easy 😮 so I’m happy about that 🙂 hmmm… what else to talk about… Oh i got my draft back from art today 🙂 and i didn’t do so bad 😀 that’s a right. So now i fix it up this week before Friday 🙂 which won’t be hard. Drafts are harder then finals 😦 dislike. Well i dislike hardness overall 😦 I’ll start on re-typing it again Wednesday and Thursday 🙂 I’ll read it today but nothing else because i have to do English and graphics. My English final is due tomorrow ~ presenting it maybe tomorrow ~ eh who knows and my graphics final is due this Friday and then… well nothing else to be stressed about then. So i can not wait for Friday night 😀

Well I’m going to stop writing now because i need to get a work on my English and graphics.