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Bye bye kpop (for now) and HELLO JROCK (once again)
July 24, 2010, 6:30 am
Filed under: Life meh, My lovely randoms

Hello ^^
Ah back from another day of shopping with my mum ^^ had a nice time outside. That sounds weird to me … maybe because like… i go outside but i don’t enjoy it? or just not take notice of it. Narr…. i’m just being silly … that’s what people say 😛 ….

Anyways… about the title… i’m of not saying GOODBYE to Kpop… you got to be CRAZY! i’m just back into Jrock once again ^___^ which i’m REALLY HAPPY to be! because i’ve just notices how much stuff i’ve missed out o.o and how Jrock makes me feel ^^ .. Reasons for not listening to Jrock for awhile… well i think … and is kind of a fact.. is because there was nothing to listen to BECAUSE i watched and listen to EVERYTHING and well i think i just got sick of it … Oh i do this with Kpop too.

Oh and if you do want to know… yes i do kind of listen to Jpop… Arashi is my ONLY favourite Jpop band now and maybe forever just because i’m not into HAPPY AS songs… but it seems like Arashi songs are … well of course happy but not OH MY GOD HAPPY KILL TIME MUSIC … nooo… their just … well Arashi ^__^

….Well that’s enough typing for me ^^


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