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School =.=
July 20, 2010, 12:49 pm
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Why hello ^^
Oh my… i need to go to bed now… but meh whatever~ anywho… school >//< this is week 2 right now … week 2 hasn't finished yet BUT it will. Anyway onto the topic ~ school GAH! why do these days go FAST now! please PLEASE slow down. Thank you ^^ ~~~ weeeeeeeeeee…. well … the only reason why i want these days to slow the HELL down is because …. assessment is coming up in week 5 & 6 and you may think to yourself … "Eh that AGES away" well it isn't to me. Not when these days goes FAST! … Like ok ~ i do wish when i'm at school that it just ends but then again… i'm not thinking this all the way because i'm the worrying nor stressing about assessment.

Anywho — brief outline coming up
Week 5
– Biology
– English {draft } ~then goes to week 6~
– Graphics { draft } ~then goes to week 6~
– Ancient history

-if you have read my other post "life" well then you'll have a brief understanding-
If you are wondering (friends) why i haven't change out of Bio and ancient history {due to i failed those two and another subject last semester} because i'm going to WORK harder!. I am changing one subject … and that is maths and yes i have my reasons for changing. I'm not going to explain why because well … personal and some / most of my friends will know the reason anyways~..


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