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July 15, 2010, 7:43 am
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-I feel…. sad and depressed right now-
I’m not in a very happy mood right now =.=” I’m very unset at myself right now and going to be upset for awhile. See I failed three subjects; one that i already know that i was going to fail but i still did that subject and the other two subject well I’m pretty shocked to tell you. The three subjects were maths, biology and ancient history. Maths i already had a feeling that i wasn’t going to pass but i still stayed in that subject..which now i feel dumb staying in that subject but see DON’T GET ME WRONG i DO STUDY but some how i never seem to pass maths. Now your probably thinking.. “Why don’t you study HARDER!” and to answer that “I TRY MY BEST OK!” but it seems no one understands and i know.. I’m just a teenager and no one understands me.. F@#K YOU!

Maths – I’ve n.e.v.e.r past this subject AT ALL
Biology – This was a my first time studying this subject and now my last
Ancient History – I have study this subject before but seems like i didn’t pass

Maths and biology i won’t be continuing just because … well one I’VE NEVER PASSED MATHS and the other … well seems like biology isn’t the best subject to study. So now i have to change my subjects sometime next week. Oh and for ancient history… well i don’t know. I’ll either stay or change really depends on the head of department and my future and i REALLY DON’T want to mess up my future with these three subjects bring me down.

Well I’m going to stop writing and I’ll write later and how I’m feeling and a update on my life. Like you’ll care anyways.



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awww, tia you know i’m here for you if you need me right? i;m basically in tha same situation as you, but i’m not changing any subjects.

Comment by claire

Ahhh crap, I commented on the wrong post T.T

Comment by Yang

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