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101 post {WOW!}
June 27, 2010, 10:12 am
Filed under: Life meh

Hiya bloggy ^^
Title = random but WOW! that many post in less then….. i have no clue when i started ~.~

Anywho…. I’ve been looking at my future (not the website) and I’ve been thinking that I might study either music or Japanese, Chinese, Korean <—- I probably heading to the language side 😀 which is cool with me. All of the course are 3 years long ^^ which is AWESOME because basically I can just get right into it when i finishes school ~ so when i'm 18 and then i'll be 20 when i finish whatever course i chose and so then i have more time to study something else ~ like another language! ^^ and travel and work overseas ^_^ which is my dream that i'll make come true 😀 and well i won't be old ~soz to old ppl…basically 30 and up~. More time to travel, work, and study before i hit 30 ~.~

Anywho…. why am i thinking about my 30's ~ ewwww~

Anyways…… this was just a little about my future ^^ till next time bye bye


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