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~World cup~ JAPAN ~ KOREAN
June 28, 2010, 12:51 pm
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Hiya ^_^
This post is just gonna be a ramble about the world cup ~Fifa world cup~. So basically i’ve been watching the fifa world cup from the start this year ^^ and I only had three teams ~countries~ in mind. Japan, and Korean (South and North). When watching these games i would get soooo fustrated and throw pillows at the TV screen xP

Now it’s the semi finals! ~ and poor North Korean epicly! lost to ~i forgot the countries name o.o~ 0 for North Korea and 7 ~forgot the countries name once again~ Why it was so epic…. well DUH just look at the score!

South Korea and Japan got into the semi finals! I was JUMPING FOR JOY! and was SOOO happy that i prayed that night! 😀 🙂 but so after poor South Korea lost to ~forgot their name GAH!~ 1 for South Korea and 2 for ~forgot~ but i’m still very VERY proud because they i know that they did their VERY BEST! and i’m happy about that ^_^

Now to JAPAN! no one knows yet …. they don’t play their match till Tuesday night 12:00am (Australia) and i CAN NOT WAIT TO WATCH IT!
Oh OH! my favourite member within the team is Tulio Tanaka!!! I LOVE HIS HAIR! and his an AWESOME player!! OH OH!! and i love/ laugh/ so cute when he hits the ball with his head 😀 Tulio Tanaka has definitely SAVED JAPAN ASS A LOT! thank goodness for him 😀 Oh and if you are wondering how his SAVES JAPAN ASS… well the head butt move xP 😛

Later bloggy/ blogger


June 27, 2010, 10:49 am
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HELLO once again xD just a quick random … very random post on what’s on my mind 😀 hmmm that should be a new categorie ^^ I’LL MAKE IT ~ LMAO! ~…. some reason i’m hyper from Top Combine xD Mandopop boy band
<— nice wallpaper one 😀 xD
OH JEZ~ i keep on watching/listening to Arrival and Grandness Equal to Heaven from Top Combine {MV}


101 post {WOW!}
June 27, 2010, 10:12 am
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Hiya bloggy ^^
Title = random but WOW! that many post in less then….. i have no clue when i started ~.~

Anywho…. I’ve been looking at my future (not the website) and I’ve been thinking that I might study either music or Japanese, Chinese, Korean <—- I probably heading to the language side 😀 which is cool with me. All of the course are 3 years long ^^ which is AWESOME because basically I can just get right into it when i finishes school ~ so when i'm 18 and then i'll be 20 when i finish whatever course i chose and so then i have more time to study something else ~ like another language! ^^ and travel and work overseas ^_^ which is my dream that i'll make come true 😀 and well i won't be old ~soz to old ppl…basically 30 and up~. More time to travel, work, and study before i hit 30 ~.~

Anywho…. why am i thinking about my 30's ~ ewwww~

Anyways…… this was just a little about my future ^^ till next time bye bye

OH MY! haven’t written a bloggy
June 19, 2010, 9:31 am
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Hiya ^^
How long time no … write? so so sorry bloggyyy (righto….weirdo)
~~~~~ I still got three more exams to go ~.~ and i should be studying not …. well blogg-ing
-Bio ~~~ -Maths ~~~ -Ancient history
and welllllllllllllllll bascially STUFF!!! F@#KED i MEAN!!! weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee jokes jokes…. well not MATHS~~~ TOTALLY fail =.=” maybe i shouldn’t think that way ~.~ hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm (no SHIT Tia ~~~~)
any who……..
Any one seen Crows ZERO 1 & 2?! i have xD xD I got it last night xP I’M SO HAPPY! YAYA 😀 😀

I’m soooooooooooooooo ADDICTED!!!! to these two movies xD 😀 third time watching it ~ doesn’t seem like a lot…. but i GONNA be watching it A LOT MORE !!! ~ ADDICTION kills (well depends… on what you are addicted to ….) ANY WHO!!!~~~

More bloggy to come xD
Later Bloggy/ blogger

Update on Kpop artist/ bands
June 5, 2010, 10:02 pm
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Random order ^^
1. Chung Lim

2. F.Cuz


4. Shinee

5. JYP

6. Lee Seok Hoon

8. Electroboyz
9. Lee Seung Hwan

Sooo yerrr…. that’s all the new artist and bands ^_^ KPOP ~~
I’m gonna do one for Japs, Thai ^^ so yer ~~~ till then
Later bloggy/ blogger

School o.o less than 20mins ~ joy
June 3, 2010, 10:18 pm
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Hello ^.^
I haven’t written a blog for awhile… ~once again~ anyway…. there will be more post on my blog tonight ^_^ ~so yer… this is an update~ I’m just gonna write some random stuff now… cause i have nothing better to do ~right now~ ….
Exams blocks are coming up for me o.o GAH! ~ anywho… i shouldn’t stress ^.^ need to relax 😀 anywho…. well i’m gonna keep on blogg-ing even when i’m still in blocks 😀 ~2 weeks… basically >.<~ but i'm gonna blog ^^ to keep me sane ~lol~ so you'll know what happening, what i've done, how i feel, etc…!

Well i'm gonna go to school now ^^ ty ty all.

Later bloggy/blogger