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Fifth day. Japanese class {Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland

I quick thing…it should have been my sixth day … but due to sickness I didn’t go that week. Oh~ and reasons for posting this soooooooooooooooo LATE! this week has been SOOO busy!!! and this weekend will it my long weekend b’day so i was to F@#K to since it’s my b’day right now ^^ what the hell!

Back to the subject ^.^
I was NEARLY!! late to class… GAH! not again! but made it on time and died sadly … again by my sweat ~//~ anywho…. NO ONE TALKS to me… which makes me feel uncomfortable…. but ok iishhh cause i’m not the type to be friendly with all adults… cause i’m still a teen… so hmmm yer~
any who… ~ i learnt something new in Japanese too !! YAY!! it was awesome to learn something new.. cause i basically know everything… in that level (LOL) sooo.. yer~ I talked a lot too ^_^ to this older women…50iiishh? maybe… but she soo nice and funny and she was my partener for the lesson. OMG! and …. since i don’t like my teacher talking to me… because he makes me feel uncomfortable… (all male asian have that same affect on me) but this time… the teacher was soo HELPFUL and nice. So i’m really happy ^.^ I won’t be scared of you any more Sato sempai! (teacher name)

So yer… that’s what basicallly happen the whole lession ^_^ nothing special. Just a really helpful lesson.
Thank you sempai


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