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Well it’s not Tuesday ~

Summary of Tuesday night (Jap school)..
Oh… if i do summaries of anything then that means it wasn’t interesting enough for me to write about.
– Teacher shaved off that SO CALLED beard ^.^ YAYA! i didn’t like it AT ALL… Last week he looked like an Asian cave man o.o SO FUNNY and RANDOM…
– Learning the te form xP which i already know (but not great at the te form). So now i know it well ^.^ cause my teacher teaches differently from my old non Japanese teachers 😛
– Teacher is planning to have a meet up 😀 which sounds nice and all BUT why do i have to be the YOUNGEST! I bet you that my teacher doesn’t even know how old i am … O.o LOL!

Well there will be a full recap on 8? June cause that’s when …well maybe the meet up going to happen ^^

Later bloggy / blogger


Hmmm what else should i post?
May 24, 2010, 11:29 am
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It’s currently raining ^.^ YAYA!~
anywho… i’m thinking what i should post..?! i got the outfit of the day for Tuesday, Saturdays and Sundays and then make up of the day which will be basically every day ^.^ but i need something else … hmmmmm maybe like random Japanese, or Asian stuff that i do… like drawings, writing~~ yer i gonna do that too ^.^
I’ll post one writing one up soon. I just need to finish off my graphics ~.~

May 24, 2010, 8:35 am
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Ok ok ok…
I’m going to post two new bloggy tomorrow ^.^
One after Jap school!
Before Jap school and this one going to be called “Outfit of the day” 😀 xD
I need to do more stuff on my bloggy ^^ so there’s one 🙂 and and and “make up of the day” ^^ now this one will be random postyyy because sometimes i don’t wear make up to school… so then that i won’t post anything then ~

Well… i’m getting bored now…~
bye bloggy/blogger ^^

Korean bands that i’m LOVING
May 24, 2010, 8:29 am
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1. (Bi) RAIN!!!
new photo ^^ from song “Hip song”
2. 2pm!
new photo xD from “Without you”
new photo 😀 from “Y”
4. 2am!
new photo 😀 from “Even if i die”
5. B2st!
new photo ^^ from “Shock ~of the new era~”

May 24, 2010, 8:13 am
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I said that i ~would~ post what happen at Jap school… but BUT to lazy~ ?!
I think i’ll post them when i want to?!~ Like i have nothing better to do but BUT i’m to lazy~ So yer… DEAL WITH IT!~
anyway… i’m going to post some random stuff after this post ^.^


Getting ready for semi ^^
May 16, 2010, 2:29 am
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yes yes…. i said that i wouldn’t go to semi… but I CHANGED MY MIND OK?!
any who~ a bit about yesterday ^^, I went out with my mummy yesterday, looking for dresses etc… and DIDN’T FIND ANYTHING!~ …. and soo… i brought so make up ^_^ spent about …. (over $50) TOO MUCH… but actually ALL (most… more then half) was on special and the best part is that this brands are HIGH CLASS!! ~ like the actually pricing was $40 to $50!!! and i got some for $9 ~ $10!!! CHEAP and VERY VERY good!! nothing bad about these produces.
oh oh … i also got 1/4 of my semi outfit yesterday ~ the top half~~~ yes yes i’m not wearing a dress…xP (shirt on the bottom but when put together it looks like a dress ^^ so all GOOD)

well…. i FINALLY WROTE something ~
Bye bye bloggy/ blogger

About this ~ Japanese class {Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland}

…. I’ve been slacking off…~.~ (sorry) i didn’t write sixth nor seventh…. and welll now i not going to …~ but what i will do is give you a summary = normal… sitting, writing, speaking, walking, looking, listening etc… that is all ~~~

But i will be writing one this Tuesday ^^

Bye bye blogger/ bloggy