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Fourth day. Japanese class {Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland}

Late post… but i’m not in the mood to apologizing. Just had the worst afternoon this year.
So yesterday…1. spine killing me (but fine now) 2.uncomfortableness. All day yesterday my spin WAS killing me T.T but it’s all good now. I didn’t want to go back to school and I knew i would be fine in the afternoon to go to Japanese class. Uncomfortableness comes in later.
So i got to class an hour early… last time i had class was two weeks ago, last week was holidays which was good ^^. So i spent about thirty minutes in the toilets and so.. as random as I am, I look around in the bathroom and found out that the last toilet was a Japanese style toilet and a shower too. If you don’t know what a Japanese style toilet looks like… GOOGLE it and I’ll post a picture up soon. I didn’t use the Japanese style toilet.
So after thirty minutes doing basically nothing in the toilets, I went to class and there was only one person. So i sat down for lease then a minute and changed sits. Didn’t change again because I became lazy. So while listening to music, more people walked in and all began studying. I didn’t realise for a little bit. When I did I started studying too.
Teacher came five minutes early and i’m not complaining… i’m just happy that his here and soon the lesson will be over. I’m still by myself…with no friends but now people who I can kind of comfortably talk to. Soon of course the teacher realised and put me with two other guys =.=” which made me uncomfortable but the two guys were nice and helpful. They ask the teacher question a few times and then the teacher will look at me and ask me.. and i’ll freeze up even more >.< joy…
Half way through the lesson the teacher came back to my group and ask me something and I had no clue… So I just said "I feel uncomfortable right now" and the teacher was surprise and left me alone. Thank you. What made it funnier was when one of the guys were trying to find the word "uncomfortable" … but said "muzukashii" and the other guy was like "… no?" and I was like " no that's not it" … No one knew what the word was for "uncomfortable"
Finished the lesson ten minutes early which I don't mind and waited for the ferry for about ten more minutes and then got home…~
So yerr… I'm really depressed right now but this is what happen yesterday night. I'm writing another blog on Friday.

Later bloggy/bloggers


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