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Enough bloggy and more self-discipline
April 9, 2010, 10:47 am
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Read title…
I will be stop blogging for awhile. I really need more self-discipline =.=”
I haven’t been to the gym for a month, more grades last term were CRAP, my skin is breaking out sooo much! i need to take more care of it.
I know i haven’t blogg for a few days because i’m to lazy… i have no deiscipline in me T.T
So starting from tomorrow morning i will go to the markets early in the morning, then eat a healthy breakfast, then do some chorse, then read, then have a nap, etc…
I need to study hard this term >< so i can pass all of my subjects and go to Japan next year.
I have to go back to the gym and loss weight. So i can fit into a size 10.
And i need self-descipline when it comes to food and school work!
There will be two bloggy posted each week. One on Tuesday and the other on Friday. And that's all. Tuesday: Japanese school and i will write about happened etc. Friday: beauty tips ^^
Now this is all writing see… that doesn't mean that i'll go and do but i will! So every Friday included with the beauty tip I will put a list of what has happened in that week gym, food, school etc and you (pedos') and I will know that i haven't given up!
Well tonight will be the last relaxing night for awhile.
Later bloggy/blogger


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