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HAPPY EASTER~ msn with friend
April 4, 2010, 5:47 am
Filed under: Life meh

My easter is going great ^^ made breakfast for mum and i and then ate my chocolate egg that i bought yesterday, REALLY yummy~ and then watched the new supernatural with mum ~ after that mum and i had a nap~ i just woke up … and mum was already up watching so other tv show and made lunch ^^ so now i’m eating munch too~ Cleaning up? it’s actually not that dirty… had cleaned up tho… but there are no more cupcakes xD i ate 3, mum had 1 and my aunty had 1 too~ now to just ate the cake LOL…

Yesterday when i got home my legs KILLED!!!! i couldn’t walk at 8pm and up~ so i was in bed watching tv show on my mum comp and downloading stuff ~ and fell asleep with everything on still… LOL my mum woke up early this morning and turned off my light and placed the laptop to a safer place~ cause it was about to fall. I was like half Dead and saw her but soon fell back into a deep sleep ^^

I’ll update this post later in the day


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