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Third day. Japanese class {Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland}

Have to write it in the morning ~//~ cause i was finishing off my bio assignment >//< now FINALLY finished ^O^
Ok Jap school….hmmmm well for one i was LATE! i came 45mins early :L 😀 LOL! but spent 10mins in the bathroom cause my face was red O!!O This is the last class for this TERM… so yer~
Oh and last night i had to catch the ferry to there 6 iisshhh and then catch it back home 9iissshhh but when i was about to catch home i saw my mum… and i was like WTH!!! and my mum was like… O_O …. "just catching the ferry .. to pick you up" and i was thinking… waste of money much ~//~
Any who back to Jap school…. the teacher DID NOT bug me at all last night! Yaaaaaaaa~ ^O^ but i sat in a new group 5 guys, 3 women ~… only talk/worked with 1 guy and 2 women.
We did everything… reading (not a lot) writing (a lot) listening (not a lot) but when it comes to speaking (LOTS) … My teacher loves to orals (speaking) and when everyone finished … he was like "no my english please… this is level 2…comon guys" and everyone was like…"…?!"
Oh… yer ~ my teacher has the most funniest laugh EVER!! it's soooo random! and he sure loves to laugh ^O^ his gonna live long 🙂 like me ^___^
For the speaking task…. i was talking to this guy about our holidays…. why the F@#K do you always do holidays … like in school and now in Jap school?! GAH! any who… him and I … mostly him … was talking…. i had already finished my speaking and now it was his turn…. he liked took 10mins… but that was ok ^^ cause i didn't want to talk to anymore people…. but yer… the teacher was like…."you done?" and the guy was like "i'm only half way" and the teacher was like "….?" plus the guy and I were both confusing each other… cause… we were like whats takusan….and i wsa like "eeehhhh" and he was like "hmmmm i know it but hmmm" and i was like "we learnt it last week" and then we looked on a paper and it said many…. and we were like "OOOOHHHH!!" LOL!
Well nothing else happened … that i can think of~
Later bloggy/blogger


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