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Finally over (not really) O!!O
March 26, 2010, 7:24 am
Filed under: Life meh

YAYA!! it’s finally FRIDAY ^^SOO HAPPY. This week SUCKED as HELL. All exams, assignments due and no time to breath TOT” . High school sucks BIG time. Now i really wish that i was an adult but then sometimes i wish not to became an adult because from baby, child, teenager then to adult is SO different and i don’t think i’ll handle it well right now. I CLEARLY don’t know the real me and i’m not fully balance out yet. So now i’m happy to be a teen still ^_^
Only two more subjects to go ^O^ YAYA!! bio and graphics ~//~ I realy hope that i do well in bio! i’ve never done it before and i’m still getting use to it. I’m a slow learner =//= but with graphics no problem at all ^O^ I will always LOVE graphics, no matter what ^^ but i don’t think i’ll be doing anything with graphics when i’m older ~.~ just a hobbie but that doesn’t mean i’ll change my mind ^^ you never know what the future holds O.o it’s scary to think about.
Later bloggy/blogger


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