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Second day. Japanese class {Institute of Modern Languages at The University of Queensland}

~//~ Was 10 mins late… GAH!! i walk with my head down >//< and did the walk of shame….but i didn't have to O.o cause the teacher was fine… he wasn't angry at me ~.~ he just kept on talking ^^ I was like lost 5 or 10 mins…and then the guy sitting right beside me told me what we were doing ^^ Thank you. He was another old guy… maybe late 30 or in his 40… who knows but we has talked ^_^ plus i got to sit at the same table from last week.
Oh…. time REALLY does fly when learning Japanese hehe ^O^ I'm happy cause i'm making a friend/s or just people that i can talk to ^^ I got to talk to the girl from last week ^^ we laughed and smile and went through 2 pages together (in book) REALLY FAST! everyone was still reading it to one an other ~//~
This week… i got to stare at the teacher more (when his not looking at me)… i a notice that his starting to get chest hair O_O""" the FIRST EVER Japanese person (that i've seen) have CHEST HAIR!! WOW :L 😛
Oh and his was helping me and the other girl out.. with a word "sweater" and it's like sata.. or something and the girl (I'm not going to write there names down because of personal reasons) and she said seta….(or something like that) and that's a type of cigarettes brand and the teacher was like WHAT HOW DID YOU KNOW! hahahaha LOL!!! my teacher soo funny and random ^^ happy to have him as my teacher 🙂 😀
Another thing…. that the teacher did was HIT me! yes he HIT ME! on purpose =.= in a nice way~~~ don’t know how you can hit someone in a nice way… but hey… he did it was because i wasn’t speaking loud enough…. i’m still REALLY shy in my class….sooooooo hmmmm~
Two more things that my teacher does….~
when everyone was writing … something ~.~ he was checking and then he was like ok everyone done hmmm? and then looked at me and walked to me… and i wasn’t done so i hide my work…. and he was like ?? you don’t want me to see?? … and walked away… i think the whole class was looking at me ~//~ >//< i dunno…..
like … WHAT!!! you eating?? having sex??? watching porn??? EEEEHHHHHHHHH sounds weird/wrong all that the same time LOL!! but…. that's JAPS….. that there way of saying ok, yep, yer ~~~ so just HMMMMMM HMMMMMM HMMMM~~
So enough about him ~~ didn't get homework ^^ so all good.

Later bloggy/blogger


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