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Time to write a decent bloggy
February 28, 2010, 8:16 am
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Jrock! 🙂 Always puts a smile to my face; on other peoples faces…well it’s not a smile =.= I know that for sure. Okay~ I can try to understand why they don’t like it, or show them more jrock photos! Yaaaa… 😀
What people don’t like…
Strange outifts, full on face painted faces on men and women, colour of there hair, showing a lot of flesh, there eyebrows, men hearing high heels…etc I can keep on going but first i’m going to clear a few things up. The guys AREN’T trannies ~ Sure maybe some of them are homosexual (some … less then half). Look i don’t know why they do this..Well maybe to get famous and in that case ok that helps in europe and Japan but maybe not anywhere else. Europense (some) LOVE jrock!! it soo… AWESOME!
Now i’m not all there :L 😀 an that’s a fact (and me) maybe that’s why i like this kind of stuff… who knows~ who actually cares? Well i finally wrote a decent bloggy today 😀 Happy! and now it’s time to eat, poop, watch tv, doing homework, and sleep 🙂
Later bloggy/blogger


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poop, haha:L
spare the details.

Comment by claire

LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hehehe

Comment by Tia

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