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Back….Oh dear cheese crackers :O
February 28, 2010, 6:02 am
Filed under: Life meh

Wow… my ancient history thingo… didn’t even take an hour!!! MAN!! what was a worrying about all this time >//<

God i can be sill (not stupid… that’s my bro) ~//~ ………… now what to do?? hmmmm

Art thingo…. now…. or chorse??

Chorse 😮 ~.~ mummy coming home in less than an hour—- fun 😀

~~~~~~death metal ^O^ and jrock (japanese rock) who doesn’t like it ^___^ (fair bit of ppl) 😮 😦 jezzzzzzyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Jrock and death metal etc… is AWESOME!!! …. well that’s me 🙂 xD

Oh yerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… i’m still detoxing my body from korean and taiwanese stuff ~.~ it’s still working ^O^ only listening, reading etc to japan.. oh and english stuff.

lalalalalala…. what on tv 2 morrow??

Desprete house wifes :L xD yes… i watch it BECAUSE it sooooooooooooo STUPID~~ hmmmm i wonder what else is on…. ~/~

I’ll write an update bloggy on tv showssssssssss for 2 morow night (lmao)

later bloggy/blogger


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