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February 17, 2010, 12:33 pm
Filed under: Life meh

Yesterday: sang 2 songs…2 times = 4

Today: sang 4 songs…4 times = 8

Tomorrow: 8 songs…8times = 12

PRACTICING like HELL!!! need to IMPROVE!!! … all Japanese songs 😀 🙂

I’m getting there….~~ I’m getting pro at Mushi from Dir en Grey… I’m still … ok/bad at Drain away from Dir en Grey and NOW singing ARASHI!!!!!!!!

Truth from Arashi <~~~ i’m actually pretty good at this one 😀 😀

Happiness from Arashi … getting there 🙂 ^^

Reason why I’m practicing… is because i wanna KARAOKE on my birthday!!! with my good friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and embarrass myself a little (lol)

i wonder what artist/song i should sing 2 morrow??? hmmmmm…

OH reminds me!!!!!!!!!!!!! KAORU 36 B’DAY!!!!!!!! it was KYO yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ah there getting old ^^ 😀 😀

Later bloggy/blogger


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a karaoke b’day party sounds cool (Y)

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