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2 guys…
February 15, 2010, 11:17 am
Filed under: Life meh

Back from the dead… i joke 😛 😀

Points to title ^ … 2 guys… naughty don’t think wrong…

Guy 1 = Liam ~.~ Saw him……. MORE then 10x

Guy 2 = Allen (not in my grade)….saw him…2x


I only like ONE!…. and it’s kinda WEIRD!!!

I do not like LIAM!!! i’m sorry to say … but i don’t like HIM!!!

2nd person… i like ^^ but think it’s wrong to like him ==” JEZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

I really don’t know why i liked Liam… O_O” …. but one thing for sure… is that i still like his eyes (WTH!) there soooooo COOL. Light blue with a hint of green (lol weirdo)

This is going to be short…. cause…if Liam or Allen find out about this and read it…. they’re gonna have some question/ look at me funny ==”

YAAAAAAAAAA! i FINALLY got so comments!! Thank you!~

Oh and Allen…. well his just good looking and half asian 😀 😛

Later bloggy/blogger


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