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Valentines day and some other random stuff
February 14, 2010, 5:10 am
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First bloggy thingy… What to write?…

Valentines day to me… isn’t sometime that i celebrate…because it’s just another commercial day. People spend sooo… much money on there loved ones…which isn’t a bad thing because now you know that the person remembered that it was valentines day; so you automatically think that your lover will buy, treat, show you to something.

This year i don’t have a valentines ==” which i really don’t care because i’ve never had a valentines before…later in the future.

I was suppost to start my bloggy thingy next year…when i go to Japan; so that my friends can keep up to date…but what the hell! i’ll just start now πŸ˜€ random things are just coming out of my head… sooo if i don’t make sense … then just skip that sentence..~

I wonder… do people really read this? (other people blog…) is that the whole point about bloggy??? so that people all over the world can read THIS?! Wow…. this is weird…

I think writing a bloggy on this bloggy thingy is better then writing it on facebook … only because it’s better layed out (maybe)

Can you upload piccy on wordpress??? hmmmm…oh.. wasn’t this bloggy thing about valentines day???…. my bad..Well on Friday 12/02/10 I got a rose by my ex-crush… which was weird… but when i told my friends…everyone in my group was like “WHAT!” … i felt kinda embarrassed ~.~ Oh wait… that means i have had on valentines thingy thing… (rose)

Gonna change the title…there ^^

It’s sooo… HOT! where i live T.T and i don’t have any air-con… JEZZZZZZZZZZZ! need air-con!!! ~~~~~~ Listening to Super Junior M – U !!! i like Super Junior/M/Happy….

What else to write… gonna go up to 400 words… because i’m that random. Hmmmmmm…

I wanna put piccy up ^^ but don’t know how to …?

FACEBOOK!… righto… i was addicted to facebook, but not anymore~~ i dislike the new page layout… the old was fine!! why did you have to change it ==” …i’m addicted to facebook GAMES!!! i use to play ALLΒ  of them on the holidays … but when i started school again… i cut down ^^

Nearly to 400. hmmmmmmm…. I think i’ll write about 1 or 2 blogs a week ^^ or maybe a DAY! who knows….

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. well i have nothing else to share … so…

later bloggers/bloggy


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so cool. now i want to right a bloggy and tia at least you got a rose. valentines day always makes me so depressed. stupid balloons, roses and sernades

Comment by maddy

hehe ^O^ you should πŸ˜€
well you’r b’day coming up soon πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ that will be a great day for you!!
Thank you for the first comment

Comment by Tia

Valentine’s is just a cheap excuse for ripping people off πŸ˜€

Comment by Sarah xP

hahaha xD sooo true!

Comment by Tia

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