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Bored…facebook games
February 14, 2010, 8:49 pm
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6:36am… just go t out of the shower and now on the computer~ Had a good night sleep for once ^^ i’m soo happy that i went to bed at 10:30pmΒ  iisshh last night. I always go to bed around 12 or 1pm on weekdays and weekends ~.~ so i got nearly around 8 hours of sleep πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ Yaaaaaa…

Oh crap…school today ==” GAAHH… no fun T.T… I dislike form (homeroom) because it’s all mixed grades… and no one wants to talk to the older or younger students -_-” but my form teacher “TRIES” to make everyone talk to the person in front/side/back…GAAHH it’s soo lame ~.~ but i think i have thing for this year 8 or 9 eerrr… it’s kinda weird O_O….well thank goodness we only see each other for about 15 mins in the morning πŸ˜€ but i really want to know what grade his in…. maybe i should ask my friend ~.~ (maybe)

Facebook games (points up to title^)… i’m on facebook right now πŸ™‚ πŸ˜€ playing game. Playing pet society right now… it was lame at first but now it’s just plain random … so i’ll play it :L πŸ˜›

I wonder why i’m the only one out of my friends, that is addicted to facebook games?? well most don’t even have facebook (WTH!) and some just don’t wanna play…sooo BOO…there are some good facebook games ^^ but there are some that are just copied.. and that lame…really is ~.~

>//< so hungry now…. gonna stop writing ~~ so now that i think about… i’m gonna write a bloggy everyday ~ more then one πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ cause i that lame (jks)

Later bloggy/blogger


Vampire knight
February 14, 2010, 9:13 am
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Bro…& Tuesday
February 14, 2010, 8:35 am
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I think i’m gonna get addicted to wordpress >//< who knows what the future holds??

Person 1: your death

Person2: babies

Person3: the end of human civilization

Person4: wordpress

Now that was random… even for me (lol)

Points to title…^ Bro = brother :L he rang today which was suprising… he didn’t really care who he was talking to…he just wanted to know the know about of mummy… i wasn’t suprise.

Four facts about bro

1: He isn’t the smartes tool in the shed

2: His niceΒ  when he wants to be nice

3: aka skin cancer boy

4: is a sponge

Bro won’t be living with me and mummy anymore..which is a good and bad thing O_O I hope mummy is ok T.T i really do!

Enough about my bro cause it’s getting to personal…

TUESDAY! = swimming carnival >//<

Well i’m not going to the swimming carnival…why would i? it’s soooo B…O…R…I…N…G!

But what will i be doing on Tuesday?……..

DDR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! with my good friends xD πŸ˜€

Facts about me…(4)


2: I dislike/ HATE asian wanna beeee

3: I LUV animals

4: I LUV asian man!

Sooo all day i’ll be DDR-ing with friends but … i have to go to the LIBRARY!!! which is one of my favourite places to be…when it’s a

1: On a hot day

2: Bored out of brains

3: BOOK duh!

4: AIR-CON!!!

Oh and plus i have to return some bookyy πŸ˜€


now that won’t be any fun because…. there’s assembly ==” and Liam >//<

Liam Liam Liam Liam … GAAAHHHH!!!!!!

Me: Yes..?! i’m crazy…. when did you realize?

?: When i first met you!


?: ….


I should do my homework?!!!!! but don’t wanna >< … got Maths, Art, Ancient History, Bio

I’m SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAPPY!! my english teacher didn’t give ANY homework!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! i luv her now! (weird right?)

I’m not gonna do my ancient history homework >< i don’t even understand the question … like WTF!!!

Bio will be fun to do ^O^ cut and paste πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€


Maths…meh… i understand it now ^___________^ yaaaaaaaa

well i’m done writing for now… yes for now :L πŸ˜€

Later blogger/bloggy

Valentines day and some other random stuff
February 14, 2010, 5:10 am
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First bloggy thingy… What to write?…

Valentines day to me… isn’t sometime that i celebrate…because it’s just another commercial day. People spend sooo… much money on there loved ones…which isn’t a bad thing because now you know that the person remembered that it was valentines day; so you automatically think that your lover will buy, treat, show you to something.

This year i don’t have a valentines ==” which i really don’t care because i’ve never had a valentines before…later in the future.

I was suppost to start my bloggy thingy next year…when i go to Japan; so that my friends can keep up to date…but what the hell! i’ll just start now πŸ˜€ random things are just coming out of my head… sooo if i don’t make sense … then just skip that sentence..~

I wonder… do people really read this? (other people blog…) is that the whole point about bloggy??? so that people all over the world can read THIS?! Wow…. this is weird…

I think writing a bloggy on this bloggy thingy is better then writing it on facebook … only because it’s better layed out (maybe)

Can you upload piccy on wordpress??? hmmmm…oh.. wasn’t this bloggy thing about valentines day???…. my bad..Well on Friday 12/02/10 I got a rose by my ex-crush… which was weird… but when i told my friends…everyone in my group was like “WHAT!” … i felt kinda embarrassed ~.~ Oh wait… that means i have had on valentines thingy thing… (rose)

Gonna change the title…there ^^

It’s sooo… HOT! where i live T.T and i don’t have any air-con… JEZZZZZZZZZZZ! need air-con!!! ~~~~~~ Listening to Super Junior M – U !!! i like Super Junior/M/Happy….

What else to write… gonna go up to 400 words… because i’m that random. Hmmmmmm…

I wanna put piccy up ^^ but don’t know how to …?

FACEBOOK!… righto… i was addicted to facebook, but not anymore~~ i dislike the new page layout… the old was fine!! why did you have to change it ==” …i’m addicted to facebook GAMES!!! i use to play ALLΒ  of them on the holidays … but when i started school again… i cut down ^^

Nearly to 400. hmmmmmmm…. I think i’ll write about 1 or 2 blogs a week ^^ or maybe a DAY! who knows….

hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…. well i have nothing else to share … so…

later bloggers/bloggy